District Mining Authority in Ostrava granted the company permission for the installation, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment, manufacture of switchboards to 6kV (including flameproof), the development and design of electronic equipment for mines with the danger of methane or dust explosion.
Executives of the company are holders of certificates of professional competence issued by the District Mining Authority in Ostrava.

Our company is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. In 2001 the company was certified according to ATEX, which authorizes it to supply its equipment not only to the Czech Republic but also to the European Union in accordance with applicable laws and government regulations. ATEX certification is also recognized by many other countries outside the European Union.
Our company is able to develop, manufacture and supply electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres certified according to international standards IECEx Scheme.

Each of our products has EC declaration of conformity and EC type examination certificates for the market in the Czech Republic and the EU. Products designated for markets outside the EU have approvals and certificates valid in the relevant country.


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Certificate ISO 9001    Certificate lQNet ISO 9001   

Certificate ISO 14001    Certificate lQNet ISO 14001