Diagnostics, Measuring and Other

Winding Resistance Measurement

  • measurement of very low resistance from 0.1 μΩ to 2500Ω
  • measuring current up to 10A
  • four conductor measuring method
  • temperature compensation of the measured resistance



Winding Insulation Conditions Measurement

  • measurement of insulation resistance from 10k to 10TΩ
  • test voltage 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V and variable voltage in the range 40-5000V
  • measurement with adjustable gradually increasing voltage
  • calculation of the coefficient DAR, PI polarization index and dielectric coefficient of discharge DD
  • graphical display during measurement of insulation resistance R (t)



Winding Test by Impulse Generator PSG 212A

  • impulse wave voltage to 12 kV
  • winding symmetry test, detection of threaded shorts, shorts to ground, short circuits between phases
  • wave reflection display on the oscilloscope



Withstand Voltage Test

  • withstand voltage testing up to 15kV
  • continuously increasing voltage to the desired value
  • capacitive current of an insulation system to 1000 mA

Misalignment increases vibration of the machine unit and results in increased wear and tear of bearings. The consequence is the increasing costs of repairs and maintenance, as well as the increasing loss of machine downtime. Therefore it is evident that the alignment pays off!

Conventional methods of alignment measuring by chink gauge are simple but the results are not always exact. Measurements using indicator watch is more accurate, but this method is time consuming and requires a lot of experience with alignment. The most accurate and time-saving method is laser alignment. Laser alignment is simple and efficient method that ensures high alignment precision.

Disposable vibration measurements are used to assess the mechanical condition of the equipment and to determine the root causes of vibration. Through measurement we can obtain information which helps us eliminate vibrations, but it is difficult to determine the degree of risk for the equipment and to determine the prognosis of the future development of the device.

Periodic measurement of vibration is a very effective tool for predictive maintenance of machinery and equipment, vibrations are measured at periodic intervals, the main aim is to obtain information about the development of certain machine, individual measurements are stored and by evaluating the trends we get a picture of the state of the machine as well as its possible future development.

For measuring we use the A4300-VA3 device by company ADASH, the data is analyzed and stored in the DDS2011 system.

We provide thermovision camera measurements with recording and export to common graphic formats. Measurement of thermal camera is applicable in the following sectors:

  • in electrical engineering - measurements of current joints, warming measurement of distribution board parts, temperature measuring of magnetic circuit during magnetization test
  • in mechanical engineering - heating control of bearings and other machine components during operation
  • in construction - check of thermal properties of buildings
  • in the industry - insulation condition check of technological distribution (steam, hot water)

We perform dynamic balancing in one or two levels using balancing machines H40U Schenck and K5000B/Tira 9000 by TIRA Company. We provide balancing of electric machines, pump impellers, fans, etc.