Electrical Machinery Repairs

  • complex services in the field of low and high voltage electrical machinery repairs
  • general and medium repairs of direct current electric motors including mining machines motors and rotary converters (Ward-Leonard sets)

  • general and medium repairs of AC low and high voltage electric motors including explosion-proof version

  • general and medium repairs of dry and oil transformers including oil regeneration

  • general and medium repairs of electromagnets and inductors of all powersall services including services at customer's place

  We use modern technologies

  • to remove old winding we use burning furnace where the temperature is controlled by processor
  • we use vacuum-pressure impregnation station for impregnation of rewind winding
  • we use modern balancing machine TIRA (for dynamic balancing of rotating parts to 5000 kg)
  • we use modern machinery for processing machinery parts
  • cleaning of the parts takes place in an automatic washer





  • our company is an authorized repair shop for repairs of explosion-proof BREUER-Motoren GmbH & Co. KG. electric motors
  • our company is also an authorized service partner of SIEMENS